13th IACM Conference
on Cannabinoids in Medicine
Aberdeen, Scotland
11-13 April 2024

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Celebrating the pioneers of cannabinoid research

The 13th IACM Conference is dedicated to Professor Roger Pertwee, who turned 80 last year and worked at the University of Aberdeen for many decades. We also want to celebrate the life's work of Professor Raphael Mechoulam, who passed away this spring. The two worked closely together, including on the discovery of the first endocannabinoid that they named anandamide in 1992. Both are outstanding pioneers in cannabis research and both have served as past chairs of the IACM Board of Directors.

Focus areas

Day 1

11 April 2024

What we know: reviews and education

Day 2

12 April 2024

What we discuss: controversies

Day 3

13 April 2024

Where we go: future directions

More information coming soon!

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